Homework: Monday, April 10

by Matt on May 10, 2010

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Now that STAR testing is over, we are resuming our normal homework schedule. Homework will be assigned Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Students are also responsible for turning in a Reading Response Letter once a week.

  1. Read and be ready to recite from memory, the poem “Easy Solutions”
  2. Continue working on your 4R’s projects, word root presentations, home reading log, math facts, etc.


Room 18 is full of talented kids! Here is Tara celebrating part of her cultural traditions with a Thai Dance. So cool!

YouTube Preview Image


Post image for Irene and Tara’s GATE Project

I am excited to show you Irene and Tara’s GATE project. Irene and Tara have been hard at work creating TIMAL (Tara Irene Math And Language). TIMAL is a website full of links, videos, and more. I am impressed with this project and know you will be too!  Check it out at: timal.weebly.com


Homework: Thursday, April 22

by Matt on April 22, 2010

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  1. Math: Set F and Set G (page 428-429). Use graph paper to solve these problems
  2. ELA STAR Test, problems 1-49 (or from where ever you finished in class up to problem 49)

NOTE: Starting today, there will no longer be Homework Club after school on Thursdays. Thanks to those of you who attended and helped provide snacks this year!


Homework: Wednesday, April 21

by Matt on April 21, 2010

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  1. Math STAR Test Practice, please finish the remaining problems in your packet (76 – end).
  2. If you haven’t turned in your HRL I need it tomorrow
  3. WRP, math facts, etc.
  4. If you still have not turned in money for the field trip, please do so tomorrow.

There will be no homework during the weeks we have STAR testing. This is so that you can be relaxed and rested and ready to do your best!


Spring Break 2010

by Matt on April 2, 2010

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Dear Parents and Students,

Please enjoy your time off with friends, family, and fun! After we get back we have a couple of very busy weeks getting reading for the STAR test and our trip to Sacramento.

I have received money from all but 12 of you. If you can bring your money and permission slips back on Monday after vacation that would be very helpful!

Don’t forget to read a little each day on your vacation. Also, think about turning off your television, iPod, laptop, and DS and go outside, ride your bike, make and fly a kite, play soccer or basketball. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

See you in one week!


Manasi’s Dance Contest

by Matt on April 1, 2010

in Student Work

Congratulations to Manasi for sharing this wonderful video of her dance contest. If you have a chance, ask her about it in class!

Yeah Manasi!

YouTube Preview Image


Dear Parents,

Due to the short notice, Amtrak must have a complete passenger list by Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm. Therefore, if you are interested in being a chaperone for our Sacramento field trip, you MUST inform me by tomorrow, Friday, April 2. You can call, email, or send a note with your child. If I do not hear from you tomorrow I will be unable to purchase a discounted ticket for you (regular tickets cost about $50).

I apologize for giving such short notice, but Amtrak needs our final list for security purposes.

Thank you for understanding.

Mr. Callison

P.S. If you are going to chaperone, please let me know your T-shirt size too!


Homework: Thursday, April 1

by Matt on April 1, 2010

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  1. Study for your math test on fractions and decimals.
  2. Please give your parents the field trip note. I must hear from them tomorrow if they want to volunteer.
  3. HRL, Reading, Math Facts,
  4. Math: page 365, problems 1-27


Class Updates

by Matt on March 31, 2010

in Parent Notes

Here are a few quick updates for our classroom:

  1. We had a great field trip to Coyote Hills today thanks to all the parent volunteers!
  2. The upcoming field trip to Sacramento is on Tuesday, April 20th. I will accept payment starting today. If you are paying by check please make your check out to Pioneer Elementary School. If possible, it would be really, really helpful to have all the money collected by the end of this week. I need to put together a list of passengers and buy the tickets very soon.
  3. We welcomed our 33rd student this morning in class! With such large classes I cannot over state the need for all our students to be responsible, independent workers at this point in the year.