Important Documents

This page includes downloads of documents important to 2009-2010 Room 18 students and parents.

I will add documents, charts and notes to this list as they are created. As time permits I will add links to the documents already listed below.

Classroom Anchor Charts:

Ringing the Chimes
Morning Meeting
Morning Procedure
Three Ways to Read a Book
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Writing Workshop
Math Workshop
Turn and Talk
How to Choose a Great Spot To Work
How to Choose a Partner
Grade and Proficiency Level Chart
Class Jobs
Homework Problems and Solutions
Internet Safety Chart

Important Documents and Forms

Let’s Stay in Touch
Website Icon Map
Important Contact Numbers
Driver Data Sheet Insurance Information
Grade and Proficiency Level Chart
Home Technology Survey
Homework Club Permission Form

Reading Charts and Notes

Literary Elements of a Story
Literary Elements of Plot
Reading Genres

Home Reading Logs

Home Reading Log Guidelines
Home Reading Log Homework Schedule
Reading Log
Book Log
Reading Response Letter Guidelines
Reading Response Example Letter
Reading Response Letter Guide/Helper Letter
Reading Response Letter Rubric

Word Root Presentations

Word Root Presentation Planning Guide
Word Root Calendar
Word Root Research Form (Word)
Word Root Research Form (PDF)
Word Root Presentation Guidelines
Word Root Presentation Schedule
Word Root Presentation Rubric
Word Root Book Example and Directions

Personal Essay Resources

General Outline of a Personal Essay
Questions to ask about your drafts
Ways to start a personal essay
Ways to end a personal essay
Writing Transitions

Math Charts and Notes

Chapter 11 Geometry Vocabulary Words

Science Charts and Notes

History-Social Science Charts and Notes

Impossible 2 Possible Siberian Express for Water

I2P Siberian Express for Water Website
I2P Main Website

Impossible 2 Possible Running Tunisia

Wonders of a Worm Bin Student Action Project (WOWSA!)