Writing Workshop

March 3: Fourth Grade Writing Exam

February 9, 2009

On Tuesday, March 3 all fourth grade students in Union City will be taking California’s fourth grade writing test.  This test is a very small portion of the English Language Arts STAR test for fourth grade students. All the fourth grade teachers at Pioneer have been working together closely this year on writing.  This week […]

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Transition Phrases

February 5, 2009

These transition phrases can help connect your sentences and ideas together when you are writing. Transition Phrases For example…. One time… An example of this is… This is important because… The reason for this is… One reason… One way… One way this is true is… Transition Phrases.pdf

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Strategies for Generating Entries in Your Writer’s Notebook

September 15, 2008

During the past few weeks in Writing Workshop we have learned and practiced different ways of finding story ideas. Here is what we have learned so far: Strategies for Generating Entries in our Writer’s Notebook Think of important people in your life and your stories with those people. Think of first times, last times and […]

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