Homework: Friday, March 12 (Report Cards)

by Matt on March 15, 2010

in Homework

On Friday, our Winter Report Cards were sent home with extensive comments. For homework (and an opportunity to earn a few homework passes) the following Report Card related tasks need to be accomplished:

  1. Students and parents are to look over the report card and comments together. Together, students and parents discuss the student’s progress. Students are to write a letter to Mr. C. outlining at least one thing the student is doing well and at least one thing the student needs to improve. This letter needs to be signed by the student’s parent(s).
  2. The Report Card Envelope needs to be signed.
  3. The Home Reading Log grading sheet needs to be signed.
  4. The Word Root Presentation grading sheet needs to be signed. (Not all students have this, only the students who have or were to present got this sheet)
  5. Family Message Journal. Parents can sign and write back to their child’s weekly letter.

The purpose of these tasks (and homework passes) is to help parents and their child have an important conversation about behavior and academic progress in fourth grade. It is important that students understand what they are doing well and what they need to work. It is equally important that parents are aware of their child’s behavior and progress in fourth grade.

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