Drinking Water Linked to Higher Test Scores.

by Matt on March 15, 2010

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Quoting from a news article from NYDailyNews.com:

Researchers at the University of East London examined what effect drinking water had on the performance of five dozen girls and boys between the ages of seven and nine.

The research journal Appetite reported that half the kids drank a 250 ml glass of water (approximately 1 cup) and the other half didn’t. When the two groups took a test on visual attention and memory 20 minutes later, the drinkers scored 34 percent higher than the abstainers. The drinkers also did 23 percent better on a harder version of the memory test and 11 percent better on another test that called for them to delete certain letters from a sequence.

Just why water may benefit test performance isn’t clear.

The article goes on to say:

Of course all the water in the world isn’t a substitute for hitting the books to prep for a test. For young kids who find studying for long periods nearly impossible, Marotta has a suggestion.

“Study for shorter periods of time but over a greater duration,” he says. “Instead of an hour the night before, study for 10 minutes a night beginning on Monday night for a test that will be given on Friday. That way you’re not overloading the brain in one session.”

Read the entire (short) article here:


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