Etymology: The Study of Words

by Matt on January 4, 2010

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Today I introduced our Word Study projects that students will be working on over the next few months. Each student has two different word roots (a prefix and/or a suffix). They will make a slideshow about each word root and present this slideshow to the class. Look for a more detailed post about this project soon.

Here are our notes from today’s class: (Download the notes here.)

Etymology: the study of words

“Etym” = true meaning; “ology” = study of, science of

Word Roots

Prefix: Comes before the root word. “Pre” means before.

Suffix: Comes at the end of the root word.

Prefixes and suffixes are small parts of words that come from Greek and Latin. Knowing prefixes and suffixes helps you understand the meanings of words.

Example 1:

“bio-” = life, “-ology” = science of or study of

Biology is the study of life.

Example 2:

“mis-” = bad

To misbehave is to act or behave poorly.

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