November 2009

Homework: Monday, November 30

November 30, 2009

Math: On a sheet of binder paper, please write two short stories (about 4-5 sentences each). In these stories, include exact numbers and estimates (about, over, almost, approximately, under, more than, less than). For each story, write and answer three questions. Be prepared to share this with the class. Read 30+ minutes. Please give the […]

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Homework For Thursday

November 18, 2009

Hello Students, your newspapers are really shaping up. Remember your stories must relate back to your California region, and you must have 3 or more stories as well as features and pictures. You all have some interesting ideas and I can’t wait to see them. Homework Read for 30 plus minutes. Work on the newspaper […]

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Who am I from Manasi

November 16, 2009

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME 1) I live in the tidepools. 2) I am a fictional character. 3) I have something to do with  rocks. These events happened the year I was   born 1) Mars Polar launched. 2) The Euro currency introduced. 3) Legoland California, the first and only   Legoland outside of Europe, opens […]

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Homework Monday 11/16/09

November 16, 2009

Read for 30 minutes Continue working on your chart if not finished; read more about California if you have time and help. write a thank you note to each of the parents and chaperones from the trip on Friday Some things to put in the note: Thank you for taking the time off from your […]

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Homework: Friday, November 13

November 14, 2009

Read 30+ minutes HRL Homework Pass Bonus: Write up a detailed account of our field trip, include detailed drawings or photographs Create a slideshow detailing the events of our field trip, include photos from the trip.

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California Regions Website links

November 12, 2009

Next week we will be working on our newspapers about the four California regions. Here are some links to websites for research and photos for your creations.  this website was created by a 4th grader has nice links. type in “california regions” .   The Los Angles Times  The Sacramento […]

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Homework: Tuesday, November 10

November 10, 2009

Return your apology letter signed by a parent.  This letter must be signed by a parent! Tide pool research projects, continue working on your part of the project. Science Textbook: Lesson 3: Food Webs. (Starts on page 50.) Read, and in your Science Notebook, record the main idea, define all the vocabulary words, and answer […]

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Homework: Monday, November 9

November 9, 2009

Read 30+ minutes Division worksheet Tide pool group homework Field trip notice signed and returned. If any parents are available to help with the “Raiders Training Camp” tomorrow morning, the fourth grade could use your help.  It would be helpful to have 1 or 2 parents from 9:30 – 11:00.  Training takes places at 9:30 […]

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Who am I? Created by Tara and Irene 11/5/09

November 7, 2009

Who Am I? I was born when the following happened: Ø   In the Irish news, masked men hold up border goods train. Ø   Three days after I was born, Amelia Earhart flies from Hawaii. Ø   On the day I was born, but 121 years before I was born, United States forces led by General Andrew […]

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Homework: Thursday, November 5

November 5, 2009

Read 30+ minutes. Return HRL signed by a parent. Finish math from class. Study for your math test.

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