Who Am I? Week 3

by Mrs. S. on October 2, 2009

in Who Am I

Who Am I? classroom research puzzler

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday. Great Job with last week’s challenge- the mystery person last week was none other than Harry Potter, first published in 1997 making his character 12 years old!

Good luck with this week’s challenge:

Fun Facts about me:

Although I am not a writer, I sell a lot of books

I started a school

I have an Oscar

You see me every weekday.

In the year I was born these things happened:

First mass use of the polio vaccine.

First Rock and Roll record, “Rock around the clock” hits charts

Brown vs. the Board of Education outlawed “separate but equal” schools.

First Godzilla movie opens in Japan.

+Who am I ?

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MANASI V October 4, 2009 at 9:40 pm

It’s Oprah Winfrey who is born in 1954.


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