What Am I?

by Mrs. S. on October 29, 2009

in Who Am I

Hey wonderful learners, people are so last week, this week we are going to solve our first “What am I?” here are the clues:

What am I?

Some fun facts about me:

A man named Abner Doubleday started me.

I call myself “worldly” but only North Americans are involved.

Some people believe that there was a curse about me, but it was broken in 2004.

Americans compete against nationals.

Can you figure out what it is? Check out the newspapers; this is something that occurs every year in October.

In the year I was launched these things happened:

Cuba releases Guantantamo Bay to the U.S. in perpetuity.

The first “teddy bear” is marketed

Wright brothers launch their first flight at Kitty Hawk

The First Ford Model A is sold.

Do the math to find out the year.

(2593-1334) +(950+X=1250)+(864+92)-(424+188)= My year.

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