Revised Who Am I?

by Mrs. S. on October 6, 2009

in Who Am I

Congratulations to all of you who were able to figure out the answer to this week’s question. I have added a few additional fun facts (Since you were all telling me it was hard) and updated the math problem. So here is the revised addition.

Now it is your turn to pose a question. Talk to me if you want to write the question in the future. I know Sophia and Katherine are both working on ideas.


Fun Facts about me:

Additional fun facts

I went with Michelle and Barack Obama on a mission to bring the  Olympics to Chicago.

I have an unique first name and most people just call me by that name.

I also have a magazine; the name of which is the Initial of my first name.

Although I am not a writer, I sell a lot of books

I started a school

I have an Oscar

You see me every weekday.

In the year I was born these things happened:

First mass use of the polio vaccine.

First Rock and Roll record, “Rock around the clock” hits charts

Brown vs. the Board of Education outlawed “separate but equal” schools.

First Godzilla movie opens in Japan.

Math Quiz:

(X-592=925) + (225×7)-(25×45) –(897-884)= the year I was born.

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