Internet Safety for Kids Anchor Chart

by Matt on September 23, 2009

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A student created internet safety chart.

Today Mrs. S. led the class in an Internet Safety activity.  In groups, students created Internet Safety charts.  When the students were finished the students and Mrs. S. combined all the group charts to create one class chart.  I am pasting the contents of the chart here as well as posting a PDF file of the chart.

Internet Safety

Things We Should Do:

  • Always ask a parent to use the computer.
  • Say nice things to people using the same website.
  • Once we read something bad on the computer tell a parent.
  • Keep user names and passwords secret.
  • Ask your parents to make an online accounts for you.
  • If someone sends you a bad message don’t reply.
  • Make sure you tell your parents about an email in case there are virus.
  • Tell parent if someone wrote something bad.
  • Don’t write bad things on other people’s accounts.
  • Log off when finished.
  • Ask a parent before you go online.
  • Ask mom or dad before singing up for something.
  • Be polite to others’ online.
  • Tell your parent if someone wrote something bad.

Things We Shouldn’t Do:

  • Don’t use other people’s accounts.
  • Don’t go to “over rated” website- ones that aren’t for kids.
  • Don’t give your user name and password.
  • Don’t ask your parents to sign up for an unknown account. (Find out what the account is for)
  • Buy something without telling parents.
  • Do not give out personal information about yourself on the internet.
  • Don’t watch bad things on the internet.
  • Don’t give out your user names and passwords for your accounts.
  • Don’t hack on an account
  • Don’t send bad stuff or viruses to other people.
  • Don’t log in someone else’s account
  • Don’t say bad words online.
  • Don’t write email addresses with a bad  word.
  • Don’t type mean things on other peoples websites.
  • Don’t make your own email account without permission.

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