Congratulations and Welcome Back!

by Matt on September 3, 2009

in Parent Notes

Dear 2008-2009 Room 18 Students and Families,

I would like to offer a hearty congratulations to all my former students of Room 18!

I believe (as you know) there is a lot more to learning than the STAR test! The test is only one small measure of a student’s learning in two subjects. The STAR does not take into account students amazing talents, personality, attitude, heart and other more important things that will bring them success in life.

Having said that, I want to celebrate the tremendous success of last year’s class on the STAR test. Overall, students did an amazing job on the test, and almost everyone improved significantly.

Special congratulations to the two female mathematicians who scored a perfect 600 on the Math portion of the STAR test! Congratulations to the handful of students who only missed 1 or 2 questions on the Math portion of the STAR.

I want to celebrate the huge improvement in almost everyone’s Reading and Math score! Congratulations for everyone’s effort and hard work on the test and all throughout the year!

You all are amazing kids and families and I wish you the BEST in 5th grade! Please continue to keep in touch with me throughout this year and beyond! You are a special group of people too me!


Mr. Callison

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Terri Sarappo September 7, 2009 at 9:44 am

Hi Everyone,
Mrs. S here, I am so happy to be working with you and Mr. Callison this year the most awesome classroom, Room 18. Can’t wait to hear all of our great podcasts we made on Thursday.


Dominick Agtane September 7, 2009 at 12:01 pm

Hi guys,
This is Dominick, I am glad to be in Rm.18. I can’t wait to have lots of fun and learn new things this year.


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