We Come From…Everywhere!!

by Mandy on June 6, 2009

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    Hi Readers!!! So yesterday (Thursday) we performed a play called “We Come From…Everywhere!” in front of our parents. We actually performed in front of three classes before that just to know what it feels like before the BIG performance (parent performance). Well, when the night of the performancecame we had to introduce ourselves by saying some stuff about our families and our part in the play. Mines was “Hi, my name is Mandy. My family comes from a city in China called Guangzhou. My parents came to California because they wanted to be together with their parents. Tonight in the play, I play the part of Rachel who is a mail-order bride who was living in Russia. Have a good evening!” I was last so I was satisfied because I had more time to practice. I mean, I’m not saying I didn’t practice but I just wanted to practice some more. You know what they say, “Practice makes perfect!!”. Though in my opinion it wasn’t that perfect. :) Then we had to (obviously) do the play!!! When it was my turn I had to wear this Indian thing called a shawl that looked very similar to a veil. Why I wore that was because I was a MAIL-ORDER BRIDE. At least I had some support up there singing with my friend Octavia. It was fun..but wait there’s more!! After we had AWESOME refreshments from everyone like eggrolls, ice-cream, noodles, soda, and cake!!! There was a lot more but I forgot the rest!! Still I give credit to all the people who brought al the yummy food!! And that is the end of this tale. Bye!!!

Mandy :)


 Kids are the future…just think about it if there were no kids then…how would the world survive? I mean if there were only adults then sooner or later all the adults would die out and the world would die! I mean it would literally die. No kids mean no future. Do you get it now? And kids come from everywhere!!! That’s how the title “We Come From Everywhere”  was created. Am I right??? :)


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Lyndsay June 8, 2009 at 6:35 am

Hi gang! Its me Lyndsay, who you spoke with through video chat. I loved the song you sang me during our chat and no doubt you rocked it the night of your play in front of your parents. You guys were SO much fun to talk to, I was telling all my friends about how awesome you guys were and what great questions you asked. Hope all is well! Take care!

P.S. Mandy I love your last part of this post. You’re absolutely right- kids ARE the future and that is why you guys deserve nothing but the best in your education!


Mandy June 15, 2009 at 3:03 am

Thanks Ms. Lindsey!!! Hope you have a nice summer vacation!!!

Mandy :)


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