Warm, humid, hot, scorching, on fire, blazing… (by Mandy)

by Mandy on May 17, 2009

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          Today I competed in the Music In The Park competition with my group the Advanced Chorus. Boy, was it hot today!!! It felt like it was 2,000 degrees out here!!! Like I said today I competed in a competition. It was a competition for grade levels 3-12 I think. I’m not really sure. We sang three songs called “Boats Sail On The Rivers” (warm-up), “Yo Vivo Cantando” (Performance), and “Three Pacific Lullabies” (Performance). After that we got lunch. My lunch was chili-cheese nachos, Lays, Dr. Pepper, and some Cup Noodles. We had to change on the bus. It was guys first then girls. Kind of gross huh? THEN we went to Great America!! Fun!! That’s the point of Music In The Park. We first sing then go to a amusement park!! The end of Music In The Park was really 9:00 but Vicky and I left at 4:00 because we had a test tomorrow. Boo-hoo. We went on mostly all the water rides since it was soooooooooooooooo hot outside!! But the water dried up pretty fast so that sucked. But there was a little kids water playground open so then we went there and we got all wet with my friend Avani. But later we got cold so that was the end of our awesome day. See ya, Monday!!! Tootles! 😀

Mandy :)


  Cup Noodles: Much More Than A Soup. Chicken Flavor. Ha Ha Ha. :)

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