Thursday was exciting!!!!! What made it exciting? Find out!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Pariswi)

by Pariswi on May 22, 2009

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Hey readers! What’s up? This is Pariswi and welcome to the blog!!!! Today,  I thought the day was really exciting because… well, I’m just going to write about my two highlights today! Sorry, I have not written in a few days because I have had some important stuff to do. I just never got time to write. :( Anyways……. lets get started!

I’m first going to write about the prgogram called Scratch. Scratch is aprgogram like Mr.Callison said which is a program for ages 8 and up about animation (little movie like shows) and just plain fun! Today, we were introduced to this program by Mr. Becker (thank you Mr.Becker! :)) and his son Brian (a student in the class and one of my good friends) . I partnered up with my good friend, Sydney and together we produced a short film about two best friends (me and her) not knowing what to do one hot, summer, day.  Thanks to Brian, we made our movie exactly like Sydney wanted it.  Everyone came over in small groups to see ours and at least 6 people copied our characters our our setting or our plot. I was really proud that everyone liked ours! :)

Next…. I’ll talk about the book fair that I bought my brother two Scooby Doo books and a pointer/pencil/eraser! It’s a cool school fair that has lots of books and small items and posters that you can buy! GUESS WHAT? I forgot to buy myself some thing!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, my happiness comes from my brother’s happiness. Let’s wait to see his expression later! :) Ok… bye! Thank you for reading the blog!!!!!! :)

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