This Friday, what happened? Find out! (by Pariswi)

by Pariswi on May 16, 2009

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Hello readers of the Room 18 blog! This is Pariswi here and as you all know, my fellow blogger buddy Mandy posted a notice saying we will be taking turns (and Blogger Pal Vicky can post anytime , with things we left out or about what happened to her) and so you will hear from Mandy on Monday, me on Tuesday, Her on Wednesday and so on until Sunday (this would be our schedule for next week if we start with Monday) and, well…. it’s all working out! :)  😀 

So… Today Room 18 played a game of capture the flag for about 2 periods!!!!! 😀 (Which is like 1 hr. 30 min)  and later, our class went out to teach some kindergartners to do some stuff. I had 4 girls named Keele, Brianna, Isabella (not the one in my class 😀 ) and Diana. They were they cutest angels! They were so well mannered and sweet! I felt happy with them.  I taught my new pals how to play Four square, Hula hoops and at the end, we all participated in a talent show! :) It was fun. They were really nice. I would love to play with them again!!!!!!!!

This was the highlight of my Friday. :)



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