by Mandy on May 13, 2009

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  UPDATE: I FORGOT THE URL FOR THE RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY SO HERE IT IS: http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/5246/w216asportpedometer.th.jpg

      So today we got… pedometers!!! I don’t know how much they cost. Mr. C wouldn’t tell us. Boo-hoo!!! Maybe he was scared that people would pay!! They are clear green where you can see the gadgets and gizmos inside the pedometers. You can see how many steps you walk (it’s a pedometer of course you can!), how many miles you walked (oooooooo), how many calories you burned (are they concerned about how fat you are?), how many inches your stride is (?????), and how many pounds you weigh (see parentheses in “how many calories you burned). They are very high-tech and they were free!! Well,at least for us!!! I will explain how Mr. C pulled off buying expensive (maybe) pedometers for 28 students. It all started on a nice sunny day when we were in third grade. Some people came with this big check with a very large amount of money. We the class, didn’t know what was going on. Mr. C told us to sit down. Then we sat down. The people said some stuff (don’t remember what) then he gave the big, huge check to Mr. C. We were all happy about it. Mr. C said that the check was for a project that we never got to in third grade. So he spent the money on pedometers. Now we are doing an awesome project called the pedometer project! At least that’s what I call it. Then we measured what are stride was and walked/ jogged/ran for 15 minutes non-stop. What a nice day, huh?

Mandy :)

NOTE: The parentheses for what you can do for the pedometers were what I was thinking when Mr. C explained all the stuff to US (the class)

RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY: (look down now)

 The pedometer looks very similar to ours.

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