Science and Field Trip (by Vicky)

by Vicky on May 21, 2009

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hi GUYZ! Vicky here! Sorry for not posting in a long time. The problem is that I just can’t think of anything to write about! Well, today I am just going to write about science. Cause yesterday and today we did a lot of science and I mean a lot! We almost work for the whole day! We had to do slideshow and posters and even games! I had some problems with my friend, but now it is all right! Now I am going to talk about the field trip. One thing is that I can’t wait to go! But the bad thing is that we have to wake up very early to go.  Also we will get a workbook when we go. So yeah…. Well… That is all I want to say for today. So Vicky’s out!

Here is two pictures: 


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