Party Time!!!!!

by Mandy on May 14, 2009

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     Hi people who are reading this!! Today we had a very awesome party for… Mr. C!! That was the wonderful surprise I was telling you about yesterday. The concert went very well also. Our group sang Yo Vivo Cantando (I Live To Sing) and Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (from Lilo and Stich). Mr. C didn’t come. Boo-hoo-hoo. He said he had to do something. More about the party. We had two cakes, four boxes of cookies, mini cupcakes, lemonade Capri- Sun, apple juice, water bottles, and we watched The Tale of Desperaux!! Our class wanted to watch that together for a very long time!! Then one of our classmates had the movie on DVD so then we got to watch it!! It was a REALLY good movie! It was my first time watching that movie. Our surprise party started at 12 or 11 so then Ms. A told us to hide in the class. When Mr. C came in there were streamers blocking the doorway so I think he ripped those while we said Happy Day Of The Teacher and Hip, hip, hooray. What a fun day. That’s all I will tell you. Remember… Saturday. Bye!!

Mandy :)


 <– This dude also joined our party!! He’s a party animal!!! :)


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