National Day of the Teacher and…

by Mandy on May 14, 2009

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       Happy National Day of The Teacher! I think I might start posting more often now that I have more time. I’m not sure yet but who knows. I guess I’ll still post about what we did at school on Saturday because I think it’s kind of better that way. Yay!! Ok so today was National Day of the Teacher!!!! I don’t think anyone knew but our Teacher Assistant told is when Mr. C was at a meeting and we had a substitute named Ms. Ramie. Hi Ms. Ramie!!! Mrs. A made a card (I think she made it) then told everyone to sign it. One of my friends and I were in charge of that and a little surprise that we also planned when Mr. C was gone. I’m not posting it here because this is Mr. C’s blog and there’s a very high chance that he will read it. Since he read my post yesterday and said it was “humorous”. Oh yeah, also my posts during the weekdays will be short. Bye!!!

Mandy :)



 Today we have a spring concert at 7:00 at Logan High School!!! The Pioneer Advanced Chorus.


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