It's a bird, it's a plane, nooooo it's… Sacramento!!!!

by Mandy on May 28, 2009

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           Hi readers!!!! Mandy here!!! OK, so Pariswi and I have decided that the schedule we made was a really bad one and we decided not to use it anymore and just post anytime we went. I think that idea was a good one and so does Pariswi. That’s all the news I have for you about the blog. Now for… Sacramento!!

           We went to Sacramento on Tuesday, May 27 and it was super-fun!! I loved every single millisecond of it!!!! First at 7:00 something we boarded the Capitol Corridor at the Centerville Station. Then we hung out on the awesome train, bought food, and had loads of fun!!!!! But not as much fun as we did in Sacramento (OK I think I’m just going to BOLD Sacramento every time I type it.)!! Or as some people call it Sac or Old Sac (where we also visited during our awesome trip!!!! The first thing we did in Sacramento was ride the Lightrail and then walk a little bit to the STATE CAPITOL!!!! We actually went inside the Capitol building and we saw the legislature vote on brand-new bills!!! It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing that happened to me. After that we ate lunch while people protested about something…not sure what it was about. Then we walked all the way to Old Sacramento and it was BOILING!!!!! My mom (who was chaperoning during the field trip) said that it was actually cool for the people in Sacramento. OH MY GOD HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE IN THAT WEATHER!!!! I bet that the people in Sacramento think it’s freezing here when it’s like 70 degrees out here. :) My group bought ice-cream because it was so darn hot!!!! I got rainbow sherbet. Yum yum!! Then we went to the Sacramento History Museum to learn more about the gold rush!! Part of that was getting to pan for real gold!!! The pieces were really tiny and I didn’t get one single piece!! :( I’m still happy for the people who did get gold!!! Then we went on the train again (walking of course) and at about 6:00 we got back to the Centerville Station!! Yipee!!!! What a cool day!!!! See ya next post!!!!

Mandy :)


 <– Sacramento State Capitol!!!!!


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