Hey… How's its going? (by Mandy)

by Mandy on May 23, 2009

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           Hi hi readers!!! So I have some very very very exciting news!!! This week I went to a piano exam at some church (forgot name). I played two songs, Jocularity (by Thompson) and Chanson (by Faber). There was a judge named Betty and she judged me and I got 35 points. The highest was 36 points (at least for me though) so I got first place in the exam!!! Yay!!! Everyone was super-happy for me!! It was one of my best days ever!!! I didn’t get a trophy I got a certificate/report card. Happy days, happy days, happy days for me!!!!! :) I thought I was going to get a big, fat zero. Man was I wrong!!!!

          After that my mom and I (she was there for my exam. I can’t drive yet so yeah.) went to Baskin Robins to get me something to eat or drink. I got a strawberry smoothie (or whatever they call it). Then we went to Safeway to buy some  squash for my little sister (mushed up squash EWWW!!!). My mom said I can buy some stuff if I wanted so I got two chocolate croissants and Lays (sour cream). Lastly we went to Subway to get a sandwich for me to eat tomorrow!!! YUMMY!!!!! I got turkey, olives, mustard, mayonnaise, salt and vinegar, tomatoes, lettuce, American cheese, and cucumbers. My bread was Itailian bread. Fancy!!! That was the end of my shoopping spree!! Or should I say food shopping spree??? How fun!!! Well later readers!!

Mandy :)


 <– Like I said, HAPPY DAYS OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!! Isn’t that smiley cute?? With the dimples and the big eyes and the cute smile????????? Well that’s all for today!! Laterz!!! Oh, also the brain teaser answer was single= as in not in a relationship with someone!!!  Everyone was married on the boat!!!

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