What happened to me this weekend??????? (by Pariswi)

by Pariswi on May 11, 2009

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Hey guys! What’s up? This is Pariswi here and you’re reading the room 37 stars blog! First of all, thank you for coming to our class site to read this and we hope you enjoy the blog!!!!!  So this week, alot of crazy stuff happened and as always my friends were great (as always)! Speaking of friends, one of my friends named Sydney left for her trip to Hawaii  on Friday (I’m really sad about that).

Well anyways, this week had a a very special day in it which was Mother’s Day!!!! (on Sunday, May 10th, 2009) In the morning, the first thing my family did was prepare my mom a breakfast of her choice (Toasted Cream cheese bread with an ommelete and tea) and then I told her to dress up and that I was taking her somewhere.  Well, I actually don’t have my driver’s license because I’m definetly not 16 yet (I’m not even close!) so I had to give mom directions.  Of course, my mom figured it out eventually ( even before we were  2 meters away from home) so that was a big bummer. I took my mom out to get a manicure and pedicure (oooo lala!) and I got a pedicure (lucky me!)  so then I took her to get a hair cut (she wanted one) but then she left saying the line was too long so we headed home! Meanwhile….. my younger brother and my dad were running to every super-market they could (Lucky’s, Safeway, etc.) to find the cake, balloons and lunch that I had asked them to get.  Dad went to a couple of stores and said all the cakes were to big for 4  people to eat. As soon as we got into our car (we have two cars and my mom and I took one and my dad and brother took the other car) I called dad to tell him that he needed to hide everything because we were coming home (I whispered so mom couldn’t hear, and you might be wondering “Why is she telling him to hide it if he only got lunch? Well, I had thought he got everything like cake and balloons and lunch altogether and I thought he was at home. Turns out, he had actaully stayed back to find cakes and stuff and mom thought they were at home making lunch so can you see how I got confused a bit?) I had to cover for dad because mom thought they were at home right? So I told her that they were caught someplace and that my bro had troubled my dad to get something. Obviously she wanted to know what he asked my dad for but I told her I didn’t know because dad didn’t tell me. As soon as we came inside, our security thingy started to ring and mom was puzzled so I quickly said  that my dad didn’t want to take a chance  So then he came home with some Chinese lunch even though he told me he would get thai. Mom said it tasted good so I was still really happy.

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