Another Week… Another Post. (by Mandy)

by Mandy on May 11, 2009

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Happy Mother’s Day!! This week it was STILL STAR testing week. Thank goodness it wasn’t daily. Mr. C has now decided to make us run two laps around our school field everyday. PHEW!!!!!!!! This week we also did quick art (flowers in a garden) and Water Color Discovery (where we paint random shapes then trace it with a black felt pen or crayon). It’s very relaxing actually. We also made cute little paper clips for our moms for Mothers Day out of clay. We also made cards like always. That was the wonderful end of our week. We did not get ANY homeowork from Mr. C this week because of end of STAR testing!!! YAY!!!

Did you know that ducks and geese are evil?? Seriously yesterday one of my friends Vicky and I went to the library with my dad and my sister and we were feeding the ducks and geese with bread. A goose came up to Vicky and the goose bit her!!!! So then she took revenge by chasing a goose family around a few times. So if you ever see a flock of geese and duck just don’t get to near them. I’m not saying I hate animals its just that you have to be careful. I actually love animals. Every kind. Well that’s it for this week… bye!!!!!!

Mandy :)



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