Homework: Wednesday, April 29

by Matt on April 29, 2009

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The Desert Group's food web poster.

The Desert Group's food web poster.

We have finished the Reading-Language Arts part of the STAR testing.  The students worked really hard!  I’m proud of how carefully they worked and checked their answers!  Next Tuesday and Wednesday we will take the Math part of the STAR test.


  1. Field Trip Note
  2. WRB / Slideshow
  3. Letter

To Do List:

  1. Please give the Field Trip note to your parents.  If you can, please bring the money as soon as possible.
  2. Please complete a word root book for the prefix intro = into.  If you would like, please complete and bring in or email me a slideshow instead of a WRB.
  3. Please write Mr. C. a letter about what you will do differently so that we are more respectful, listen more carefully, and waste less time.  Please have your parents sign this note.

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