Homework: Friday, April 10

by Matt on April 15, 2009

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Students at the "Claw" fountain at Stanford University.

Students at the "Claw" fountain at Stanford University.


  1. Reading
  2. Word Root Card
  3. Stanford University reflection

To Do List:

  1. Read each day for 45+ minutes and have your parents sign this Reading Log.  Three times during the week, complete a “Super 6”
  2. Complete a Word Root Card for your Word Root.    

    Word Root Card Examples

    Word Root Card Examples

  3. Complete some kind of reflection of our field trip to Stanford University.  This reflection could be a poster with photographs, a slideshow, a model, a written reflection, a movie, etc.  Please share what you learned and what you enjoyed about our trip.  Please be thoughtful!

NOTE: This is a great time to complete your Word Root Slideshow. If you can’t remember your Word Roots or your presentation dates, click on this link to find out.

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