Hello World!! (by Mandy)

by Mandy on April 6, 2009

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Hello readers!

This week we did TONS of math! We learned about how to calculate perimeter and area on both regular and irregular shapes. We also learned about Rectangles that have the Same Area. This week one of our fellow classmates, Kenneth moved. We were all quite sad but we got Fudgesicles to cover part of that sadness up. We thought that he already moved on Thursday but yesterday (Friday) he surprised us by coming back. Yesterday we learned about Natives in America (Soc. Studies), we practiced our biome presentations, and we learned about Rectangles that Have the Same Area. After all that we cleaned the room, watched Man vs. Wild: Desert Island, and wrote our homework down. Man vs. Wild was awesome!!!! That guy back- flipped off a helicopter! That’s all we did!! Bye!!! See you next week!!!!

Can anyone guess what kind of creature that’s from? IT’S POKEMON!!!! Cute huh? This week was CRAZY WITH POKEMON!!!! That pokemon’s name is Pachirusu!!!

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