Monday and Tuesday (by Mandy)

by Mandy on March 11, 2009

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Hello readers! I apologize for not posting yesterday! I couldn’t get on the blog! ARRRGGGGG! That’s not pirate by the way. :-) So today I will be talking about Monday and Tuesday. Its a two for one celebration yay!!!!!

Anyways, what we did yesterday was social studies, science, and like 30 minutes of reading. What we did for social studies was we had to read chapter or unit one, lesson one. We had to do summaries for every paragraph that we read and in my opinion (don’t take this personally people) it took a long time and at the end I had two dull pencils and tons of hand cramps. BUT at the end it was worth it because it helped us learn more. We also had to do work in our new workbooks and make a map of California with the central valley region, the coastal region, the mountain region, the desert region, the San Francisco Bay Area, Union City, Los Angles, and Sacramento. All of that took up 2 thirds of our day (We had homework involving that too).

During science, we had to practice in front of the class what we were saying for our photosynthesis presentation and poster. I had to present my group and I personally think that I was like a wind-up toy. Start, stop, start, stop, start and you get the picture. It wasn’t pretty either. And for reading we just did well, reading. :-)

What we did today was social studies (again), math, and science. For social studies we did unit one, chapter two. We had to make summaries, but this time I didn’t get cramps. I don’t know why. For math we learned about… CONGRUENT FIGURES!! DUNH DUNH DUNH!!!!!!! Congruent figures are figures that are the same size and shape. For science all our group did was film part of our photosynthesis video. I don’t know what in the name of Mr. C the other groups did. So thats all we did.

Oh and we cleaned the classroom like crazy because Mr. C said that if we didn’t we couldn’t go to last recess. We didn’t get to go anyway. I agree with what Mr. C said about the class not listening and not doing anything but have fun, talk and play. DON’T SPAM ME IF YOU KNOW MY EMAIL FOR SAYING THAT. Our homework was social studies (finish summaries if didn’t), a math worksheet on congruent figures, and science (work on it).



“I like all the chairs to talk to one another and to the sofas and not those parlor-car arrangements that create two Siberias.” from Mario Buatta. I know it doesn’t look like a chair, but it is. Trust me.




“For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way. Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.” This shamrock leads to my birthday. IT'S NOT ON MARCH 17th PEOPLE.


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