by Mandy on March 19, 2009

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 OK I’m not going to talk about what we did in class since I wasn’t there all I did was make part of my social studies map and film. So what I am going to talk about is what happened to me on Friday the Thirteenth the second. First when I entered the class in ten minutes flat I bumped my head on the coat hanger twenty times. I became kind of knocked out during my math/ social studies test. BUT I STILL GOT ALL RIGHT. What also happened was that I got no lunch because I was late for lunch. So then I starved through the rest of the day. Another is that I finished 1 third of my social studies map because of filming. Also I “accidentally” forgot my coat from China during lunch recess. Now it is in the lost and found. I think. That was the end of my school Friday the Thirteenth. I’m glad. :-)

Alice: The boy… is he dead, too?
Tierney: Who?
Alice: The boy. Jason.
Tierney: Jason?
Alice: In the lake, the one… the one who attacked me… the one who pulled me underneath the water.
Tierney: Ma’am, we didn’t find any boy.
Alice: But… then he’s still out there.

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