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by Matt on February 2, 2009

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I wanted to update you about the current California budget and how this financial crisis impacts your schools here in Union City.

Published on Pioneer Elementary School (
Important Budget Information

With the State of California facing a financial crisis, Governer Schwarzenegger has proposed a budget that includes enormous cuts to public education. Last year, New Haven had to make $7 million in cuts, we will need to make additional mid year cuts during this year’s 2008-2009 school year which will account for a loss of an additional $4 million in revenue that was promised to the District, but which is now is being retained by Sacramento.

To help balance this year’s budget, the District is able to borrow $1.7 million internally, but that must be paid back in 2009-2010. The state plans to withhold an additional $1.7 million from the 2009-2010 budget. Therefore, the District will have to make cuts of $3.4 million in 2009-2010. Finally, the state is projected to withhold $2.2 million in 2010-2011.

This is a state problem – our District didn’t cause it, certainly our school didn’t cause it, but all of us, especially our students and staff, are victims. Schools and districts throughout California are not going to be able to cut their way to a balanced budget; the Governor and Legislature MUST be willing to make the hard decisions necessary to provide adequate financial resources for our children.
Parents and employees who have questions, comments, concerns and – especially – ideas, are urged to share them with Principal Joanne Stanley at

We are planning a special SSC parent meeting on February 18 at 6:00 PM. Our new Superintendent Kari Mc Veigh will be attending our School Site Council meeting that evening. Addtional information will be shared when it becomes available. In addition, pending state action, a special meeting of the New Haven Community Forum is being planned to discuss the budget situation.? We’ll contact you when we have a date, time and location.

Additionally, we have had to make a few changes in the way we are uding our resources. At the Elementary level, we have stopped making extra dittos and packets for studetns to use as homework. Research shows that reading at home has the greatest impact towards student achievement. We are encouraging all parents to read to their students 20-30 minutes nightly, practice their math facts and write about what they have read. Your child’s teacher will be informing you of specific grade level expectations.

We appreciate you commitment to our children and look forward to working together to mitigate the impact of this crisis on children and staff.

 The CTA and California School Finance website has more information as well.


Here is an ad that is apparently running on TV now:

What can you do to help?

Please contact your legislators if you are concerned about this!

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