Science Project Calendar and Q & A

by Matt on February 4, 2009

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Working on Science

Part of the learning that accompanies the Science Project students are working on is:

  1. Learning how to work on a big project by breaking it into smaller chunks and,
  2. Learning how to meet a deadline that is a ways off in the future (with a big project you can’t just put it off until the night before) 

I created a basic calendar with the class to give them a general idea how to break this project and all its parts up into smaller projects.  These smaller projects have deadlines throughout the month to help keep the students on top of things.  I have revised the calendar a little tonight and wanted to share it with you.

You can download the science calendar here as a PDF file.

I was recently asked by a parent, “Will the projects that are due in February be completed in class?  If not, I’d like to know what is needed & expected.”  What a great question!

Here is my response:

I have told the students I will do my best to give them about 40 minutes a day in class to work on their projects.  Some days, like today, it didn’t work out to give the kids any time.  I have also told the students that there is no way that they will be able to finish the projects by the deadline by only working in the class.  Work outside the classroom is not “required” but is “definitely necessary” if they want to complete the project on time and get a good grade.

I would add to this note, though, that this is definitely a STUDENT project.  There is no expectation that parents do any of this project work.  Any work done at home should be completed by STUDENTS (not parents) and is only being done at home because we don’t have enough time during the school day to do all the things we need to do.

Different students are working on different products (mini-book, song, videos, posters) and so what each student should work on at home will be different.  If you look at the calendar you get an general idea of what students should be working on and when it needs to be finished.  There is a little overlap of dates on the calendar because it is just a general idea of where the students need to be in order to finish on time (February 20).

Because students should be finished with most of their research, I gave the class today two, more detailed explanations and expectations for the “Biome Slideshow” and the “Food Chain Video”.  These expectations aren’t too different than what is expected for the Book and PSA videos.  When I finish those up I will post them here as well.

Slideshow Expectations.pdf

Food Chain Video Expectations.pdf

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