Homework: Tuesday, February 17

by Matt on February 18, 2009

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Students learning about Alameda County Watershed


  1. MM
  2. Math & Spelling
  3. Science

To Do List:

  1. Mad Minute
  2. Make a GBBB (Giant Beanie Baby Book).  On each page, you will put one of the 8 geometry words we learned about today.  Also, write the definition and draw and label an example.  These books should be NEAT, COLORFUL, and ACCURATE!  Continue to study your geometry spelling words.  There will be a quiz tomorrow.  Any word on the first page of your yellow geometry packet (front or back) may be on your quiz.
  3. Our science projects are due Friday.  WORK, WORK, WORK!  Your page for our class “Living Things” ABC book is also due Friday.

Math Words from Slideshow:

  • point
  • line
  • line segment
  • ray
  • angle and vertex
  • intersecting lines
  • parallel lines
  • perpendicular lines

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