Homework: Friday, February 27

by Matt on February 28, 2009

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Happy Birthday Sally!


  1. Permission Slip
  2. FMJ
  3. Relax

To Do List:

  1. Return your Permission Slip on Monday so that you can attend the Greg Mortenson presentation on Tuesday, March 3.
  2. Please let your family read your FMJ and remind them to respond by writing back
  3. Relax. The last couple weeks you have been working very hard on Science projects at home and at school. This week you have taken geometry quizzes, two large math tests and written article summaries. You deserve a break! Enjoy your weekend with your family and friends!


This Tuesday morning 4th grade students at Pioneer will be taking the STAR writing test.  Please help your child get plenty of rest and eat a large, healthy breakfast.  The test will be first thing in the morning, Tuesday, March 3 and may be on writing a summary of an article, writing a response to an article or story, or writing a personal narrative (story).  All the fourth grade writing teachers have been working closely with our school’s writing coach in preparation of this test.

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Mandy March 2, 2009 at 1:29 am

hey mr.c! you forgot the daily picture! =)


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