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by Matt on February 9, 2009

in Parent Notes

Dear Friends:       

I am reaching out to you to help me inspire my students to reach their highest potential. Adopt-A-Classroom is a non-profit organization that offers an easy and accountable way for you to donate funds to my classroom and make a real difference for me and my students.

All donations are tax-deductible. 100% of the donation goes to my classroom. Adopt-A-Classroom takes $0 out for administration.

Here`s a description of my classroom and our specific needs:

School: Pioneer Elementary
Grade: 4th Grade
Subject: All
Number of students your donation will impact: 30

  My school’s focus is writing. I know that incorporating and using student work and examples greatly increases student engagement and motivation. With a document camera I will be able to instantaneously turn any student writing into a teachable moment for the class.       

Writing, grammar and academic English can be challenging for my students. Using a document camera and our video projector, I will be able to use exemplary authors and student work to showcase proper academic English language as well as model editing strategies that successful students employ when writing.

In reading, the document camera will enable me to pull any text the students are reading and instantly model reading comprehension strategies. Furthermore, I will be able to show a large image of each book as I read it allowing all students to see and understand more clearly.

A document camera will also enhance all areas of classroom instruction. When teaching math I will be able to easily demonstrate math problems, math strategies and manipulatives in a way that every child will be able to see and better understand.

In addition, I am looking to purchase more books for our classroom library and book groups. Studies show that classroom libraries that are well stocked (hundreds of books) have students that read better and perform better on tests!




To learn how you can support my efforts in the classroom click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your Internet browser):

Matthew Callison Adopt-A-Classroom Homepage

I greatly appreciate your consideration in adopting my classroom. Please pass this email on to your employers and friends.

Thank you for your time.

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