Homework: Monday, January 26

by Matt on January 26, 2009

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  1. MM
  2. Math
  3. WN
  4. Science

To Do List:

  1. Finish MM
  2. Complete Math Worksheet
  3. In your Writing Notebook, continue to make observations/ides/opinions and elaborate on them.  This is basically what you have been doing with boxes and bullets.  Try to think about 3 new ideas (boxes).

EXAMPLE: (This is the example that we came up with in class.)
[Some school lunch is gross]

  • Some school lunch is gross because it is cold when it should be hot.
  • Some school lunch is gross.  For example it should be cooked and not microwaved.
  • Some school lunch is gross on the other hand some school lunch is good.

4. Research your biome.  Where is your biome located in California?



Students should be continuing to memorize their multiplication and division facts.  Students also need to be reading 45+ minutes each night.  There will be a math test Friday and students are also working recording picture books for our class and the media center.

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