Homework: Friday, December 19

by Matt on December 21, 2008

in Homework

Thank you for all the wonderful presents!  I will be spending time with my family and enjoying chocolates, StarBucks, books, and more over the vacation.  

Calendar: (due January 5, 2009)

  1. Reading
  2. Math Facts
  3. Relax and Fun!
  4. FMJ
  5. Math Test

To Do List:

  1. Complete Reading Log each day and have your parents sign it.  Six (6)  times over the vacation, complete a “Super Five” on a sheet of binder for the book that you are reading. (45-60+ minutes)
  2. Complete a Mad Minute each day (1-5 minutes)
  3. Spend time with your family and have fun!
  4. FMJ.  Please give your FMJ to your parents and remind them to respond to your letter.
  5. Give the Math Test to your parents.  Your parents will sign it and you will return it on Monday, Jan. 5.  For every day it is late, you lose 5 points off the test.  

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