Information for Friday's Field Trip to Hidden Villa

by Matt on November 20, 2008

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Dear Parents,

We’re so glad your child’s class is coming to Hidden Villa soon!

Hidden Villa is a 1600-acre wilderness preserve and organic farm located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Altos Hills (see for more information). Hidden Villa was founded by Josephine and Frank Duveneck, who generously opened their gates over 70 years ago to allow people to realize how essential it is to care for our land. Their tradition continues today as a non-profit trust.

Your child will be spending the day hiking in the wilderness, working and playing in the organic childrens’ garden, and visiting our farm animals in a group of 6-8 children under the supervision of our trained Hidden Villa staff or docents. Our program encourages children to work together in small groups where equal participation is emphasized. Because every student’s parents are not able to attend the field trip, we ask that chaperones not accompany their own child. We believe that each can have their own wonderful experience and the opportunity to share twice the stories with each other at the end of the day. Parents can support our program goals by modeling our “3 F’s:” staying focused, being flexible, and having fun.

We recommend that your child:

Receive a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast as he/she will expend a lot of energy.

Wear older clothes with long sleeve shirts, pants, and a sweater or jacket.

Wear comfortable old shoes for walking.

Bring a nutritious “No Garbage Lunch” (see below)

Bring a refillable and recloseable water bottle with water in it (not sugared juice or sports drinks).

Carry a small day pack

The No Garbage Lunch

(Because there is no “away” when you “throw it away”….and because there are no public garbage cans at Hidden Villa!

Why ?

Our landfills are filling up!! We are destroying our precious open space areas, clean water, and atmosphere with our refuse.

Energy goes into growing and producing your lunch, including packaging. For example, a juice box is made of trees, aluminum and plastic. These must be transported, milled and processed. Conserve energy and resources by using less packaging.

How ?

Reduce. Use less packaging. Instead of buying juice boxes, buy a large container and bring it in your own container.

Reuse plastic containers, plastic and paper bags. Use your paper lunch bag again…or use a cloth bag instead. Be creative! (Many used, unbreakable beverage containers make good water bottles.)

Recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and whatever else you can.

Rot your kitchen waste in a compost pile.

Thanks so much for your co-operation!

Hidden Villa Parent Letter.pdf

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