Homework: Thursday, November 20

by Matt on November 20, 2008

in Homework

Calendar (Due Friday, November 21)

  1. MM
  2. Thank you
  3.  Prediction


To Do List:

  1. Finish Mad Minute
  2. Write a thoughtful Thank You note to the following people:
  • Ms. Bautista, 
  • Mr. Lacandazon, 
  • Mrs. Narayan, 
  • Mrs. Becker, 
  • Mrs. Stevenson
  • Mrs. Asfour-Palacios,
  • Mr. Galvez
  • Mrs. Sekhon
  3.  In your Science Notebook, please write a short prediction about will happen tomorrow on our field trip.  I predict that tomorrow …. because…  What will you see?  What will you learn?  

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