Homework: Thanksgiving Vacation

by Matt on November 23, 2008

in Homework

  1. Please write about what you learned and noticed on your field trip.  Use the writing strategies we have been learning this year in class.  After you have written about our field trip, please create a poster showing the most interesting things you learned.  Use photos or drawings.  Please be neat, use paint, pens, colored pencils or pens to make it look great and share what you learned.
  2. READ,  READ, READ!!! Take at least 1 hour each day to read.  Two times during the week, please write a short (1 – 2 paragraph) summary of what has happened to far in your book.
  3. Please practice your multiplication and division facts each day as well.  We will have a short, timed test on your multiplication and division facts when you return.  If you need resources to help you practice, here are a couple websites with worksheets, flashcards, games, and more:  http://math-drills.com and http://multiplication.com.
  4. Keep checking the website throughout the week for additional resources and things to work on.
  5. Enjoy the break with your friends and family.  Let your parents know how much you appreciate all they do for you!

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