Negative Vs. Positive Math Card Game

by Matt on October 16, 2008

in Mathematics

Negative vs. Positive (named by Matthew, a student in our class) is a fun way to practice adding negative numbers.  Below you will find the directions to the game.  Also, attached you will find a PDF file containing a nicer looking set of directions to the card game.  This game is adapted from a game found 

Negative Vs. Positive

Objective: To practice adding positive and negative numbers

Materials: one deck of playing cards without face cards or joker (Ace through 10 only), positive and negative number line

NOTE:  In this game red cards will be negative numbers and black cards will be positive numbers

  1. Shuffle the cards
  2. Deal the cards between yourself and your partner, or split the deck in half
  3. Each partner will flip over one card.  Your job is to find the total of the two cards.  The first person to say the correct sum wins both cards.

While we are learning how to correctly add negative and positive numbers, you and your partner will work together to correctly solve the addition problem whenever one card is negative (red) and one cards is positive (black).  After you have worked together to both understand and solve the addition problem, you each get one card.  

If both cards are negative or both cards are positive the first person to call out the correct sum will win both cards.

How to Win: The player with the most cards when the timer is up wins the game.

What to Write:  You should record the sum of the cards you win.  You may record this on a number line or on a sheet of binder paper.


For help playing this game,  watch this video here or below:


Download Negative vs. Positive directions here.

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