Homework: Wednesday, October 15

by Matt on October 15, 2008

in Homework


  1. Math Worksheet (W/S)
  2. Neg. vs. Pos.
  3. Group Info
  4. Spelling
  5. Important Notes

To Do List:

  1. Complete math worksheet.  Use the inverse operation on the last two problems.
  2. Play one game of “Negative vs. Positive” Record your game on a number-line or binder paper.
  3. On a sheet of binder paper, I need you to write down six names of people in this class you feel comfortable working with.  Please write down 3 boys and 3 girls or another mix of boys and girls
  4. If you did not get 100% on the spelling test, practice the words you missed.
  5. Give you parents the important notes.  I NEED YOUR FIELD TRIP FORMS!

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