Homework: Tuesday, October 7

by Matt on October 7, 2008

in Homework

Calendar (Due Wednesday, October 8):

  1. Stone Fox
  2. Reader’s Notebook
  3. Driver’s Notes****
  4. Picture Day

To Do List:

  1. Finish Reading Stone Fox (Chapter 9 and 10)
  2. In your reader’s notebook:
    • Create a plot line of the last two chapters
    • Write a reflection of the Stone Fox. Was your original prediction correct? What do you think about the end of the story? If you were Little Willy, what would you do now?
  3. Return Driver’s Forms
  4. Remember it is PICTURE DAY tomorrow!

Sentence / Idea Starters for the Reflection:

Before I read Stone Fox, I predicted that…. I now realize my prediction was … (correct/incorrect/close to what happened/way off, etc)..because….

At the end of the story….(what happened), I think that….because….

I was surprised by…because…. I thought that….because….

If I was Little Willy, I would now…because….

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