Homework: Thursday, October 23

by Matt on October 23, 2008

in Homework

Calendar: (Due Friday, October 24)

  1. Jog-a-thon
  2. Writer’s Notebook
  3. Finish taking notes about what you observed and learned today in your Science Notebook

To Do List:

  1. Please return your Jog-a-thon info for the Jog-a-thon tomorrow morning.
  2. Writer’s Notebook: Today, we have had many interesting small moments. Please think back over the day and make a time-line of today’s events. From this list choose one small moment. Write about this small moment. Be sure to include sensory details: taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing. Also, think back on some of the interesting animals and things you saw today, make some sketches of a few of the most interesting things (in your WN).
  3. Complete adding details, observations, sketches, and your thinking to your Science Notebook.

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