Homework: Monday, October 6, 2008

by Matt on October 6, 2008

in Homework

Calendar: (due on 10/7)

  1. PJs
  2. My goals
  3. Website Note

To Do List: (for 10/6/08)

  1. Write 10 PJs sentences. Use your PJs guidelines to get 100%
  2. Write a short note (not a letter) to me and tell me your two behavior goals this week.

For example:

My goals this week are:
(1) I will work on not talking during…
(2) I will work on being more on task when..

3. Give my parents the white note about our class website.


(1) Students should now be recording the title and genre of the daily reading on their Home Reading Calendar (HRC)

(2) Students should be practicing their math facts each night for about 10 minutes. All should be practiced, but especially important are the multiplication and division facts.

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