Elements of a Story, Part II

by Matt on October 14, 2008

in Class Notes, Literacy

Today, we learned about the following elements of stories.

The sequence of events that happen in a story. The plot usually happens in the order of: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Denouement.

Where and when the story takes place. The setting is the geographic location of the story. When a character walks from one part of a neighborhood to the other, the scene changes, but the setting always stays the same.

The people or animals in the story. Two different type of characters are:

One character who is central to the story and all the major events in the story have some impact on this character.

The character who opposes, or goes against the main character (protagonist). The antagonist tries to prevent the main character (protagonist) from succeeding or being happy.

Conflict is a problem that happens in the story. Usually, the conflict happens toward the beginning of the story, at the beginning of the Rising Action. There are different types of conflicts:
(1) Person versus Person
(2) Person versus Self
(3) Person versus Nature
(4) Person versus Society
(5) Person versus Circumstance

The message that is in the story.

Elements of a Story, part II.pdf

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