Weekend Family Message Journal

by Matt on September 8, 2008

in Homework

This weekend we started our Weekend Family Message Journal project. We will be working on this project weekly throughout the school year. Below is a letter sent home to families:

September 2, 2008

Dear Room 18 Families,

The children and I have a great new project to share with you: the Weekend Family Message Journal.  Each Friday, your child will bring home a letter s/he wrote to you, telling at least one thing about that week at school.  Please read each week’s message and ask your child to tell you about the message and any accompanying drawing.

Please write a message back to your child each week in the notebook right after your child’s message.  Anyone at home is welcome to write back – a parent, a sibling or another relative, or a family friend.  The important thing is that your child receives a reply.

To keep this project working smoothly, please:

• Write about the same topic as your child.

• Use print or make sure your child can read your cursive.

• Use a conventional letter-writing format.  This letter is an example (date at the top, a greeting on the left, the message below that, and a closing).

• Have your child read your message over with you.

• Send the notebook back with your child each Monday.  Your child will have the option of sharing your reply with the class.

The at-home part of this project should take no more than ten to fifteen minutes each week.  This short routine, done each week, can be tremendously helpful to your child’s learning.  Thank you for partnering with your child in this important work!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Family Message Journal.pdf

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