I PICK Good Fit Books

by Matt on September 17, 2008

in Literacy

As mentioned before our literacy instruction this year is based on The Daily Five. The Daily Five is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence.

An important part of becoming a successful independent reader is being able to choose “good fit” books. In class we have started an all-year-long conversation about how to choose good fit books.  Read below to find out more about what a good fit book is and how to find one:

I PICK Good Fit Books

1. I choose a book
2. Purpose – Why do I want to read it?
3. Interest – Does it interest me?
4. Comprehend – Am I understanding what I read?
5. Know – Do I know most of the words?

I PICK Good Fit Books.pdf

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