Homework: Wednesday, September 24

by Matt on September 25, 2008

in Homework


(1) Modified Day

(2) Thank You letter

(3) Writing Notebook


To Do List:

(1) Please remind your family that school gets out at 12:05.  Please give them the yellow reminder paper.

(2)  It is polite to write a “Thank You” note when somebody gives you something or does something for you.  Please write a neat, thoughtful “Thank You” note to Mrs. Murphy.

For Example:

Dear Mrs. Murphy,

Thank you for helping our class with….  I really enjoy the…because….  It makes me feel….  

I appreciate ….  because…  

Word Bank: soft, comfortable, great, excited, wonderful, appreciate, amazing, awesome, perfect, outstanding.



(3) WN: Please either finish your new story from this morning, or start a new story (seed story).



Students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.  We will be getting Reading Calendars for October next week.

Students who have not memorized multiplication and division (and addition and subtraction) facts should be practicing those each night.  There are many websites, games, and activities to help your child learn.  I will be sharing more about these ideas soon.  If you use flash cards, short periods (3-10 minutes) of focused practice is more effective than long periods of time.

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