Homework: Monday, September 15

by Matt on September 15, 2008

in Homework

Calendar (Due Tuesday, September 16):
(1) Subtracting Across Zeros
(2) Writer’s Notebook
(3) Student Council Campaign

To Do List:
(1) Complete all the problems on both sides of the worksheet. On the side R2-7, please try the new way (see video) to subtract across zeros. On the back, you may use either method. On the story, please show your work on a separate sheet of paper.

(2) Take your folder home and finish drafting your story making sure you include details from the 5 senses.

(3) If you are interested in being on student council, prepare a short presentation about why you want to represent our class.

Watch this video demonstration of the subtraction method we learned today in class. This video calls it Step Ladder Subtraction:

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