Additonal Supplies Letter

by Matt on September 9, 2008

in Parent Notes

Dear Room 18 Families,

I hope you had a wonderful three-day weekend!

I am writing to request a few additional supplies for our students. My apologies for sending a second list out — unfortunately I was unable to add the items to the fourth grade supply list.

There may be additional times throughout the year that I send home a note requesting items for a class project or because we are low on certain supplies. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me directly by email or phone.

Additional Supplies for Room 18:

  • 1 pair of inexpensive headphones (a pair from the Dollar Tree would be perfect)
  • 1 set of dividers
  • 2 packages of 4 black erasable pens (the blue ones don’t work as well)
  • 1 small (4 in. x 6 in.), framed photo of your child and your family. We put these around the room to help make the room more comfortable and home-like.

1 box of “Ziploc-type” sandwich bags

1 box of “Ziploc-type” gallon bags

Please consider getting a water bottle for your son or daughter. This is a great way to keep your child hydrated and healthy. It is also a big time-saver in the classroom!

Please consider providing your child with a healthy snack each day. Some fruit, nuts, vegetables, popcorn, pretzels are all examples of healthy snacks. Food keeps us thinking and working hard all morning long!

Please consider donating an audiobook to our classroom library. To donate, just go to our class website ( and click on the Amazon Wish List. These audiobooks will be an important part of our Reading program this year.

When your child is having a birthday, please consider donating a book or audiobook to the class. To find a list of books and audiobooks we need, please go to our class website ( and click on the Amazon Wish List.

Again, please contact me with any questions! It is my pleasure working with you and your family this year!

Additional Supplies Letter.pdf

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